Location: Bashundhara, Dhaka

Client: Edison Real Estate Ltd

Land Area: 1301 Sqm

Built-up area: 8200 Sqm

Scope of work: Comprehensive consultancy

Brief: This is an example of sophisticated architecture but respectful to its surroundings. The building is configured as a high-impact urban requalification. The building includes parking in the basement, services on the ground floor, community facilities on the first level and the other levels are residential apartments. The positioning of the apartments guarantees the possibility to gain a double view for all apartments which are characterized by big balconies to maximize openings and enhance their residential quality and value. A large number of open spaces provide high energy performance to the building. The orientation of the apartments led to a distribution of the interior where the radiation during daytime is maximized and the arrangement of the windows to the north-south direction is aimed to facilitate the energy of nature, like sun and air.