Location: Indira Road, Dhaka

Client: Mr Samsuddoha 

Land Area: 1.73 Acre

Built-up area: 30540 Sqm

Scope of work: Comprehensive consultancy

Brief: Multi-family housing is becoming a popular housing trend as our lives get busier every day, leaving little time for travel or for pursuits such as gardening. The development offers a unique opportunity for luxurious, urban living amid a spacious landscaped garden setting. A luxurious family compound designed to cater to several families within one complex. It has several advantages including professionally landscaped and maintained houses and access to recreational facilities such as gyms, pools, and clubhouses. The recreational facilities are located at the centre of the complex in a two-storied structure that houses many convenient facilities. These include a small café, swimming pool, game room, gym and convenient facilities for the residents. The recreational structure and the residential units all have views into the central landscaped courtyard, shielding the more private spaces from the hustle and bustle of the street.