Nazim Residence

Location: Gulshan-01, Dhaka

Client: Nazim Farhan Choudhury

Land Area: 542.48 SQM

Built-up Area: 4196.04 SQM

Scope of Work: Comprehensive consultancy


The building is beside the Gulshan Lake and just a stone's throw away from the Hatir-Jheel. Thus, the inspiration for designing the building derived from the free-flowing waves of the water body. The waves turn like curves in the built form. The double-height ground floor is kept open to view the lake behind someone enters the building. The beautiful landscape highlights and stimulates the spirit of nature in the building. Nature is tried to incorporate into every part of the building.

The wave-shaped terraces on every floor take the residents close to nature and give them a touch of fresh green. The full-height glass openings break the boundary to the lake behind from every floor, every space of the building. Creates the wide vista to the lake and Jheel.