Location: Uttara, Dhaka

Client: Unique Hotels & Resorts Ltd. 

Land Area: 645 Sqm

Built-up area: 7340 Sqm

Scope of work: Architectural consultancy 

Brief: It’s a small boutique hotel with 88 guest rooms. The hotel is located within a residential area. The building was designed considering its surroundings. The simple minimalist approach that merged very beautifully with the surrounding. We worked closely with the M&E and interior designers to provide smart space-saving design solutions. The hotel was strategically planned to accommodate the full-suite of in-house facilities without an extensive back-of-house area. Open spaces for co-working, social gatherings and exercise were designed to create a sense of community and interaction opportunities between guests. Colour schemes at different parts of the hotel were customized to enhance the guest experience while contributing to the sense of spatial comfort.