Lalakhal Office

Location: Jaintia, Sylhet

Client: Lalakhal Resort

Land Area: 5000 SQM

Built-up Area: 675.88 SQM

Scope of Work: Comprehensive consultancy


This is a local office of an MNC. The site is on the outskirt of Sylhet city. The design target was not to value only the built structure but to respect the nature and environment surrounding it. the site is full of trees. The building was designed without hampering a single tree at the site. Different large spaces are created respecting the contour of the site that makes a grand entry to the building. The interior and the outdoor areas are always connected on every floor. The large volume of spaces and the large windows are created to make the relationship between the inside and outside. Integrates inside spaces with various colors and light outside, changing with different seasons, climates and times.

The project proposes a new approach to office design, which enables us to choose working places not only by function or work typology but also by the experimental qualities of a space and its effect on the user through reflected nature.