Location: Valuka, Mymensing 

Client: Pride Clothing Ltd

Land Area: 7208 Sqm

Built-up area: 28730 Sqm

Scope of work: Comprehensive consultancy

Brief: The building designed to achieve the LEED certificate. The design emphasis creating a conducive and relaxed environment with lush greenery, breakout spaces, good views and natural daylight. Sustainability is achieved through passive design strategies, such as minimizing direct sun exposure on the west-facing façade through strategic building orientation, a high roof trellis at the drop-off to provide sun shading. The use of water body helps reduce solar heat gain, a vertical courtyard and high-volume breakout spaces along the corridor that introduce natural daylighting into the building. With the interesting and welcoming public-facing exterior juxtaposed against intimate and user-centric interior spaces, industrial development effectively integrates aesthetics, function and user comfort in all aspects.